We are Ali and Dovilė, from Turkey and Lithuania, respectively. We met in 2009 as colleagues working for the same international company and after Dovilė moved to Turkey for work in 2011-2013, we have done quite a lot of travelling together: inside Turkey, Syria, Georgia, Spain, Baltics and Balkans, but never further than Europe.

Our trips were never carefully planned, we only roughly knew which cities or places to visit, often ended up looking for a place to stay around midnight – either in the city searching for a hotel or in the middle of the fields looking for a place to put up a tent. This worked well for us in most of the cases and we felt comfortable travelling together. Moreover, we have quite similar interests with respect to what we want to see while travelling: we like visiting historical, archeological sites, hiking in the nature and although we try to avoid touristic places, we still try to do the must-sees. We like to experience the local life and traditions, as much as possible, through communicating with local people, we are happy to be invited to the homes of locals for a tea or simple meal. Maybe the only difference between us is that Ali is more passionate about trying different food, whereas Dovilė likes mountains.

Both of us always had thoughs to travel for a longer time and further, to the countries that we don’t know about so much, in order to learn and experience different cultures. We were thinking of having smth. like a round-the-world trip, but it was more a silent dream, not smth. that you think of every day. In February 2015, Ali has graduated with PhD degree in Computer Science and there were no more excuses why we shouldn’t be going on a longer trip, no more things keeping us tied to our home countries. Thus without much thinking, we decided that we are going somewhere far and for long, without a clear idea where and by what means. Dovilė has quit her job in Lithuania in the middle of June, came over to Istanbul and this is where our common journey starts.

Since the beginning of 2015 up to the start of our trip in June, we haven’t come up with a much more precise idea of where we are going to travel. We have only decided that we will start with Asia and if all goes well, will later move to South America. As for Asia, we are going to start from Iran and then we don’t have a very specific plan. There is a good saying: “Man plans – God laughs”. So not to make God laugh too much, we are not planning too much, because our plans may be disrupted on the first occasion when we are refused to be issued some visa or so. On this page, you can follow how it goes and see where we are.