Trans-Asia Express Train from Ankara to Tabriz

The views from Trans-Asia Express train, Ankara to Tabriz. The trip consists of three parts; Ankara to Tatvan operated by TCDD (Turkish Railways), ferry over Van Lake, and Van to Tabriz operated by Iranian Railways. After arriving at Tatvan, passengers and train carriages with luggage are transferred to the ferry crossing Van Lake, the biggest one in Turkey. The ferry trip takes around five hours. The ferry arrives at Van where we waited for the Iranian train for three – four hours. The compartments and the food served was much better on Iran train 🙂 We crossed the border in the early morning. Passengers with all luggage had to get off the train for customs check. Despite Iranians being thoroughly examined, officials were not interested in our luggage and sent us back to the train without any checks. We arrived at Tabriz around noon time. This is where our never ending struggle with Taxi drivers starts!